Tassiriki Ranch
249 Moylans Lane
Empire Vale NSW 2478
(02)6683 4602

Cost per person for Entry:$90.00 to $109.00 per person
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Looking for something special that is romantic and also gets your back to nature?

Wanting to get close with that someone special?

Let us pick you up in style and take you down to the beautiful northern NSW region.

Sit back in comfort of our air conditioned limousine and admire the lush hills and scenery on offer before arriving at Tassiriki Ranch for your romantic horse ride.

Experience the pristine natural beauty of South Ballina Beach on a guided beach trail ride.

Prior to commencing your trail ride your Trail Guides will match you’re riding ability with one of our well-educated trail riding horses. You will mount your horse in a secure fenced area and your guide will adjust the saddle for a perfect fit. Your guide will then brief you on horse control and the safety aspects of the ride. Then it’s off to the beach!

Your trail ride leaves directly from the property passing through the cane fields and the coastal forest and down onto the beach. The ride then proceeds along the beach at a leisurely pace offering the opportunity to keep an eye out for dolphins surfing the waves, or even humpback whales splashing and spouting just off-shore (July-November). During the ride you will have the opportunity to walk your horse into shallow pools along the shoreline and ride your horse along this beautiful beach.

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